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.Crazyness Galore.

So today has been one rollercoaster…. From being super stressful, to super awesome, to waking up early.. I met with my favorite clients, Kyra ran around like an idiot at daycare. Followed up by early-birthday treating myself to dinner (Steak Salad with yumminess)

And now that it’s over I’m planning crossfit inspired workout + yoga + running = Liz’s new workout!

Crazy right? But no it’s not! I’ve been researching mild(er) forms of crossfit workouts that I can do from home, that fit me for the moment and well, because well my landlord wouldn’t like it if I put pull up rings in my living room
{Never heard of crossfit? It’s ok! Check it out here:}

If you can afford to do crossfit locally, do it. It’s worth every single penny, they’ll kick your ass, and then your ass will look amazing.
But I can’t  afford it right now, so I’m finding Workouts I can do at home, and mixing that with yoga and running { I love yoga… }

So how is it going to work?
Day 1: Crossfit-inspired workout, Yoga

Day 2: Crossfit-inspired workout, Run

Day 3: Crossfit-inspired workout, Yoga

Day 4: Yoga, Run


Unless it’s a Monday and in which case I can’t go out for a run early because of scheduling so It’ll be a crossfit-inspired + yoga day!
I’m also going to hold off on Running until the ice is gone because it’s a skating rink up here. So for now it’ll be crossfit-inspired and yoga, and maybe I’ll break out the elliptical again {but I really hate that thing}

What’s the point of this your asking yourself? Ha! Ok so here’s the deal. You can do amazing workouts, you can get fit and be paleo for next to nothing. I own yoga DVDs {Sara Ivanhoe is the best yoga instructor ever}

I’ll start posting what I do for workouts to
a.) keep me accountable
b.) so you can see and take some ideas from it!

Oh and why the sudden need to do this? I found these two pictures on the Crossfit Facebook Page {hint hint you should fan them!}:

So after seeing these prime examples {no pun intended} of rocking the crossfit world, how could you not try to do a smidge of what they do?



Lets Start

What is this blog you ask?

This is a place for all you paleo lovers (and soon to be lovers) to come to and figure out how to do it on a budget. Before I turned paleo, my staple diet was pasta, bread, pasta, rice, bread {you get the picture}. Between two of us we were buying (everyweek almost) Bread, English muffins, bagels, and some form of subrolls and the normal pasta night(s), rice, etc.

It was literally killing me, yes I know it sounds melodramatic but it’s the truth. So I woke up one morning and decided it was time for a change, and I read everything I could, I made a grocery list, and then I went grocery shopping. Yeah, Reality hit me pretty quick, I went from spending $40.00 a week in grocery for two people to $100.00. Talk about a budget killer! So I learned quick that either I was doing this {And doing it right} within my budget or I wasn’t doing it at all.

I choose to do it, and yeah you’ll have weeks when you still spend that $100.00 because you wanted too, not because you had to!

Stick around, grab a coffee {Yes I’m a paleo coffee drinker.. but it has to be black}. I’ll give you my tips and tricks on how to have meals do double duty, what foods will give you the most for your dollar, recipes, and track my journey through this. I think the one thing anyone that’s paleo will tell you is that this isn’t a diet, this isn’t a fad it’s a life style change, and the best one you can make for yourself.