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.Crazyness Galore.

So today has been one rollercoaster…. From being super stressful, to super awesome, to waking up early.. I met with my favorite clients, Kyra ran around like an idiot at daycare. Followed up by early-birthday treating myself to dinner (Steak Salad with yumminess)

And now that it’s over I’m planning crossfit inspired workout + yoga + running = Liz’s new workout!

Crazy right? But no it’s not! I’ve been researching mild(er) forms of crossfit workouts that I can do from home, that fit me for the moment and well, because well my landlord wouldn’t like it if I put pull up rings in my living room
{Never heard of crossfit? It’s ok! Check it out here:}

If you can afford to do crossfit locally, do it. It’s worth every single penny, they’ll kick your ass, and then your ass will look amazing.
But I can’t  afford it right now, so I’m finding Workouts I can do at home, and mixing that with yoga and running { I love yoga… }

So how is it going to work?
Day 1: Crossfit-inspired workout, Yoga

Day 2: Crossfit-inspired workout, Run

Day 3: Crossfit-inspired workout, Yoga

Day 4: Yoga, Run


Unless it’s a Monday and in which case I can’t go out for a run early because of scheduling so It’ll be a crossfit-inspired + yoga day!
I’m also going to hold off on Running until the ice is gone because it’s a skating rink up here. So for now it’ll be crossfit-inspired and yoga, and maybe I’ll break out the elliptical again {but I really hate that thing}

What’s the point of this your asking yourself? Ha! Ok so here’s the deal. You can do amazing workouts, you can get fit and be paleo for next to nothing. I own yoga DVDs {Sara Ivanhoe is the best yoga instructor ever}

I’ll start posting what I do for workouts to
a.) keep me accountable
b.) so you can see and take some ideas from it!

Oh and why the sudden need to do this? I found these two pictures on the Crossfit Facebook Page {hint hint you should fan them!}:

So after seeing these prime examples {no pun intended} of rocking the crossfit world, how could you not try to do a smidge of what they do?