Lets Start

What is this blog you ask?

This is a place for all you paleo lovers (and soon to be lovers) to come to and figure out how to do it on a budget. Before I turned paleo, my staple diet was pasta, bread, pasta, rice, bread {you get the picture}. Between two of us we were buying (everyweek almost) Bread, English muffins, bagels, and some form of subrolls and the normal pasta night(s), rice, etc.

It was literally killing me, yes I know it sounds melodramatic but it’s the truth. So I woke up one morning and decided it was time for a change, and I read everything I could, I made a grocery list, and then I went grocery shopping. Yeah, Reality hit me pretty quick, I went from spending $40.00 a week in grocery for two people to $100.00. Talk about a budget killer! So I learned quick that either I was doing this {And doing it right} within my budget or I wasn’t doing it at all.

I choose to do it, and yeah you’ll have weeks when you still spend that $100.00 because you wanted too, not because you had to!

Stick around, grab a coffee {Yes I’m a paleo coffee drinker.. but it has to be black}. I’ll give you my tips and tricks on how to have meals do double duty, what foods will give you the most for your dollar, recipes, and track my journey through this. I think the one thing anyone that’s paleo will tell you is that this isn’t a diet, this isn’t a fad it’s a life style change, and the best one you can make for yourself.





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