About Moi

Me?! ok ok ok I’ll tell you some details.

I’m a rock awesome photographer and web designer {—> Barefotos.com is our site, check it out!}

I’ve tried every diet under the sun… Weight Watchers, Slim fast, not eating, over eating {yeah there was some diet like that forever ago}, high protein, Diet Pills, the “soup” diet, Spicy food diet, Green Tea Diet, and this list could go on.

What I’ve discovered. You can’t DIET, {and yes it started that way}. That is the worlds worst four letter word. You need to change your lifestyle, you need to change you… food wise that is. Being Paleo isn’t scary, it isn’t hard. I normally bail on everything, and I mean everything, I’m going six months strong and will never turn back {yeah I’ve had a few cheats, who hasn’t!}

I do yoga at home, I’m going to start running when I can see pavement and not snow. I want to do crossfit, but Can’t afford it yet…it’s a goal of mine.

More random facts about me? Why of course!
– I LOVE coffee
– Hoodies are the worlds best invention
– I have a puggle who I completely adore
– I am determined to wear a bikini this summer!
– I love music, really bad tv shows, and the movie “How to Train your Dragon”

Just Remember.. I’m really really lazy naturally, so If I can do paleo, you bet your bottom dollar you can too!


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