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Sugar, Sugar, Sugar!

Sugar = </3
{Remember that folks!}

I love love love love sugar. LOVE it. Birthday cake happens to be my favorite thing to eat ever. But it’s a total no no, for really good reasons… ok you know what read Robb Wolf’s book and it’ll make a ton of sense.

Ahh but so many cheap things have sugar, I know I know!
How do you combat the sugar and the wallet at the same time? It’s tricky but you can do it!

I scoured my grocery store for about two weeks before I found what I wanted, that didn’t have sugar. For instance… most sausages and kielbasa and bacon come with some form of nitrate, sugar, brown sugar, maple syrup, honey, fructose corn syrup, {This list could go on}. It took me about 3 weeks to find a kielbasa and sausage that were totally paleo (they’re both locally made!}.

I know the sticker shock might seem like $3.00 for one kielbasa is pricey but look at it this way… I get 4 meals for 2 people if I stretch it out.
Math time: $3.00 / 4 = $0.75 / 2 people = $.038 per person per meal.
Ha! That’s Cheap!!!!

My sausages are the same price for around 10 links {they’re normal breakfast size ones which are great for breakfast, pizza, chili, tomato sauce, salads, etc}. They last either a really long time, or one meal around here. Just depends what I’m doing. Roughly though… 1 box will last 5-6 meals which then goes to about $0.25 per person per meal.

ha! You can beat sugar and come out the victor. Just take your time. Grocery shop on a day when no one will be there and you can spend a while reading all the ingredients. And think about how many meals you’re going to get out of it.
If you buy somet

hing but know you won’t use it all up fast, freeze it! Sometimes I freeze half our kielbasa because I know I only want to use it 2 or three times that week.

And just to leave with something super cute and awesome…

Here’s my #1 Paleo CheerleaderĀ  {She LOVES carrots, celery, meats, cheese, basically she loves being a part-paleo girl!}